Book cover: Sunlight and Blue Shadow

Sunlight and Blue Shadow
1916-1919 - A soldier writes from India

Selected and edited by Wendy Henningsson

First book edition published 2001
ISBN 91-631-0957-3 - out of print

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'What it is really like on a really hot day. What it is like when it really rains.
The Palm trees, the great rivers, bridges over a mile long, the people one meets in the Bazaar...
What a lot I could tell you'

Four years as a soldier in India proved to be a trial of endurance for Private Edgar Phillips of the 25th London Regiment.
His letters home to his family, which form the basis of this book, tell of the hardships caused by the climate, tropical fevers, marches and manoeuvres and - not least - homesickness.

Read a review by Jonathan Walker, Centre for First World War Studies, University of Birmingham here

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