Book cover: Family Portrait

Family Portrait
A Phillips Anthology 1788-1998

Selected and edited by Wendy Henningsson

Published 2003

ISBN 91-631-4113-2


Selections from the journals and writings of five members of the Phillips family. Their words portray aspects each of them found important in their lives in England, from 1788 to 1998.

The earliest is Henry Phillips who noted down events in his family life, as well as writing verses and reflections based mainly on biblical texts.

Next in the anthology, his great grandson Richard gives a glimpse of his world, at a time when local government was taking shape, set against a Victorian background of pride in the British Empire.

He is followed by his son Edgar, who, in a short piece of prose takes the reader to Ireland. The fourth contributor is Richard's grandson Noel, describing his experiences as a schoolboy during World War II. His son Mark, finally, tells a dramatic story of how a road accident transformed his life.

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