Book cover: Helen - her life

Helen - her life

By Wendy Henningsson

Published 2007

ISBN 978-91-633-1391-2


A box of old letters was given to me and a window on the past opened. For some time, I hesitated about reading them, thinking that they belonged to someone else's private life. Gradually, I overcame this feeling as I began to read them - and later publish them in book form. "Dearest Helen" became the title of this collection of letters.

Many readers of "Dearest Helen" have wondered about the letters she wrote in reply. None of these remain, however this portrait tells us more about Helen to whom the letters were addressed.

The photographs in this book cover Helen's life from the end of the 19th century when she sat on her grandmother's knee, until the 1990s when she herself became a great-grandmother.


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