Photo: Author Wendy HenningssonAs a result of settling in a country across the sea from her native England, the author has had long practice in the art of writing letters. Thus she recognised the value of the collections of letters written many decades earlier and which had been handed down to her.

These letters were originally edited and printed for the benefit of family and friends, but have since been read and appreciated by a wider public.

Wendy has been interviewed on two occasions for the programme "Maggie's Brew" on BBC Radio Norfolk.

The first chapter of "Home Hills & beyond" was originally published in the "Nostalgia" section of the Surrey Mirror newspaper.

Her contribution "War Memories" appears in the Banstead History Research group publication "Memories of Wartime Banstead District", published in 2002.

In 2006, Wendy won the poetry competition in 'The Birmingham magazine'.

Wendy has regularly contributed to the 25th County of London Cyclist Battalion website

She has also contributed to the "Zeitzeuge" section in the Kieler Nachrichten newspaper.

An excerpt from "Home Hills & beyond" has been included in educational material published by Dr. Josef Raabe Verlags-GmbH in 2015.

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